Dbl Espresso Facial Mask

$12.95 AUD

The Double Espresso Facial Mask by Peggy Sue is a rejuvenating skincare essential that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and radiant. This exquisite facial mask is infused with the invigorating power of caffeine, derived from coffee oil, renowned for its remarkable skin-tightening benefits. It works to plump up your skin, restoring a youthful and balanced texture. The addition of coconut milk and aloe vera powder ensures deep nourishment and hydration, keeping your skin supple and revitalized. Kaolin clay, a natural wonder, gently draws out impurities, leaving your skin looking clearer and more radiant than ever.

But that's not all – this facial mask is like a morning coffee for your skin! With the refreshing blend of coffee, green tea, and calendula, it gives your skin the ultimate pick-me-up, helping you achieve that soft, glowy complexion you've always desired. Plus, you can feel good about your choice, as this product is packaged in an environmentally friendly manner and proudly produced in Australia by a female-owned business. Elevate your skincare routine with the Double Espresso Facial Mask by Peggy Sue and experience the true essence of rejuvenation.