Lisa Pollock Water Bottle 550ml Emu-sing

$49.95 AUD

Quench your thirst in style with Lisa Pollock's stunning collection of water bottles. These bottles are meticulously crafted with double-walled stainless steel, ensuring both durability and excellent insulation properties.  Featuring some of Lisa Pollock's most captivating designs, these water bottles are true works of art that will make a statement wherever you go. The bamboo lid adds a touch of natural elegance, while the convenient carry handle makes it easy to take your hydration companion with you on the move.

Each water bottle comes beautifully packaged in a matching gift box, making it an ideal present for yourself or someone special. With a generous 550ml capacity, you can stay hydrated throughout the day.  One of the standout features of these water bottles is their impressive ability to keep your beverage chilled for up to 10 hours. Whether you're out hiking, at the gym, or simply enjoying a day out, your water will stay refreshingly cool.

Embrace the beauty of Lisa Pollock's artistry while ensuring you have a constant supply of chilled water by your side.

Handwash Only. Do not use in microwave or dishwasher.