Pink Vitamin C Mask

$12.95 AUD

The Pink Vitamin C Facial Mask by Peggy Sue is a skincare essential that combines the power of natural ingredients with a commitment to environmental sustainability. This moisturizing mask features a blend of coconut milk and aloe vera powder, ensuring deep hydration and softening of the skin. Its application is as smooth as silk, providing a luxurious experience.

Kaolin clay is a key component of this mask, working diligently to draw out impurities, excess oil, and adding essential nutrients to your skin. What sets this mask apart is its blend of Quandong, Davidson Plum, and Rose powder, delivering an abundance of antioxidants and skin-brightening Vitamin C for a truly radiant complexion.

Not only does it work wonders for your skin, but it's also kind to the environment. Packaged in a plastic-free, fully recyclable box and a compostable cello bag, you can feel good about your choice to be eco-friendly while taking care of your skin. With a convenient 15-gram size, this mask is perfect for on-the-go self-care. Plus, it's proudly female-founded and Australian made and owned, reflecting Peggy Sue's dedication to quality and sustainability. Elevate your skincare regimen with the Pink Vitamin C Facial Mask and experience the benefits of both beautiful skin and a responsible choice for the planet.