Souk Pant Silverado

$189.95 AUD

Discover the Souk Pant by the lifestyle and fashion brand, Shanty Corp. Designed in coastal town Robe in South Australia using natural fabrics.

The Souk Pants are a masterpiece of simplicity and sophistication, offering a chic and effortless style that's a hallmark of Shanty Corp's commitment to sustainable fashion. These pants embody timeless elegance with their soft tones and straight-leg design.

For ease and comfort, an elastic waistband ensures a secure yet relaxed fit. The addition of cut-away side pockets combines practicality with style, making these pants suitable for various occasions.

In a Silverado colorway featuring a Fine Grey and White Pinstripe pattern, these pants are a visual delight. They offer a loose, relaxed fit that allows you to move with freedom and comfort.  Crafted from 100% linen, the Souk Pants by Shanty Corp are a celebration of natural materials and sustainable fashion.