Cereria Molla Diffuser

$44.95 AUD

Premium Molla 1899 reed diffusers come in a recycled glass container and cardboard packaging. It includes sustainable rods that expertly diffuse the exquisite aroma, providing every home with an unforgettable fragrance experience.

Available in four gorgeous fragrances

Basil & Mandarin is energy and vitality. The touches of ivy and white jasmine make it an essential in special moments. Its citrus notes of lemon, lime and tangerine bring light to any environment. 

Bergamotto di Calabria's aroma brings us to the island of Calabria. Its slightly fruity nuances and its fusion with the warmth of Mysore sandalwood, tied with notes of cardamom and limeta make it a fresh, energising and stimulating fragrance that invites you to feel the Mediterranean breeze.

A sweet, floral and velvety fragrance, Bulgarian Rose & Oud is a natural and soft aroma that adds sophistication and comfort to any environment. The dark Damascus rose, rich and velvety, is wrapped in smoky Oud wood. Bulgarian Rose & Oud is a hug in the middle of the night.

Mediterranean Blue is a vacation you never want to end. A stimulating and elegant contrast, its aroma allows us to travel to the heart of the Mediterranean Sea where a fragrance bathed in white flowers and citrus drops captivates us.