Elume Diffuser 200ml

$34.95 AUD
By Elume

Elume diffusers are carefully crafted to infuse your space with luxurious scents that will indulge your senses and create a captivating ambiance. With the use of fibre sticks, these diffusers effectively absorb and distribute the fragrance without the need for constant reed rotation. Perfectly suited for small to medium-sized rooms. With a generous 200ml each reed diffuser lasts up to 3 to 4 months.  Whether you desire a refreshing burst of citrus, a soothing floral bouquet, or a warm and comforting aroma, our diffusers offer a wide variety of fragrances to suit every preference. Transform your living space into a sanctuary of serenity and elegance.  Enhance the aromatic experience by pairing them with the matching luxury soy candle, creating a harmonious ambiance in your space. 

Fragrance Notes