Eugy2 Badger

$18.95 AUD
By Eugy2

EUGYs are eco-conscious paper craft puzzle toys made from biodegradable cardboard. These toys are adorned with environmentally friendly ink and include non-toxic glue, ensuring safety and peace of mind during assembly.  Safe for children and gentle on the environment.

Engaging with EUGYs offers an enriching educational experience, aiding children in developing number-counting skills, boosting concentration, and refining their motor skills.  E
ach kit takes approximately 10-20 minutes to assemble. It's a quick and enjoyable activity suitable for all ages 6+.

The EUGY range offers a diverse selection of charming animals to select from! Each animal model comes with accompanying 'Fun Facts' to educate and entertain. It makes an ideal present for children or animal enthusiasts, kickstarting an eco-friendly collection.