Scented Hanging Sachets

$19.95 AUD
By Pilbeam

Introducing the beautifully designed Scented Hanging Sachets by Pilbeam, a perfect solution to add a touch of fragrance to your wardrobe, drawers, cupboards, car, or office. Not only do these sachets impart a delightful and delicate aroma, but they also help eliminate odours in your home, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Crafted from scented paper, each set contains four 60-gram sachets, allowing you to place them strategically throughout your living spaces. The versatility of these sachets enables you to hang them anywhere you desire, providing a subtle and long-lasting fragrance wherever needed.

Choose from three captivating fragrances:

1. Azalea - White Tea & Ginger
2. Chinoiserie - a French Linen scent
3. Native Floral - Australian Florals

Enhance your surroundings with the luxurious scents and elegant design of Pilbeam's Scented Hanging Sachets, transforming your spaces into fragrant havens of sophistication.