Scented Sachets

$14.95 AUD
By Pilbeam

The beautifully designed Mini Scented Sachets by Pilbeam is a delightful way to infuse a delicate fragrance into your wardrobe, drawers, bathroom, car, or office. These sachets are not only a treat for your senses but also make excellent gifts for occasions like housewarmings and Mother's Day, being conveniently easy to post.

Crafted from printed paper and scented beads, each set contains four 10-gram mini sachets. Simply place these sachets anywhere you desire to enjoy a subtle and delightful aroma, creating a refreshing ambiance in your surroundings.

Choose from three enchanting fragrances:

1. Azalea - White Tea & Ginger
2. Chinoiserie - a French Linen scent
3. Native Floral - Australian Florals

Pilbeam's Mini Scented Sachets offer a perfect blend of elegance and fragrance, making them a charming addition to your personal spaces and a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.